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Surprise Results with Chiropractic Care

Are you skeptical about chiropractic care? Let me share a testimony of one of my most memorable patients. After a few months of care she was pleasantly surprised with her results!

Girl With Arms Up

A female patient came in seeking relief from ongoing severe lower back pain with sciatica. This painful condition involves a shooting, stabbing pain which radiates from the lower back into the leg and is usually accompanied by pins and needles or numbness in the foot. It probably sounds familiar, since many people have either experienced similar pain at some point or know someone who has.

This patient had sought help from multiple specialists in Long Island and Manhattan, finding no relief. During our consultation, I discussed how the nerves travel from the lower back into the legs as well as the lower abdomen and reproductive area. Upon our discussion, she mentioned her fertility struggles and was advised that she was unable to get pregnant.

The Sciatica Connection…

What the rest of the medical community had not considered was that the nerves coming from her lower back which were causing the pain down into her leg also travel to the reproductive organs and it was possible that her sciatica and fertility problems could all be related to the lumbar spine.

Within three months of care, she had no more leg pain. One month later—a total of four months after starting care, she came in and told me some amazing news:

“I’m pregnant.”

Chiropractic care can help your body in ways you may never have thought possible!

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