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Eliminating Chiropractic Misconceptions

After nearly 25 years in practice, I’ve had the opportunity to serve people from all different walks of life. At Community Chiropractic Care, our initial goal is to usually get patients out of pain. In addition, we explain and educate our patients about what causing the pain they are experiencing and the importance of making future healthy choices such as having their spine checked on a regular basis once they are out of pain. We demonstrate how the spine functions and its relationship to the Nerve System and how each spinal vertebrae controls a specific part of the body…similar to switches in a circuit panel.

Eliminating Chiropractic Misconceptions

Most of the unwanted symptoms which people suffer from on a daily basis can be attribute to misaligned spinal vertebrae which may be caused from many different things such as a car accident, a slip or fall, working out incorrectly or even stress. As Chiropractors, we look to gently correct these misalignment without the use of medication or surgery.

Solving Problems, Not Managing Symptoms

For many conditions, Chiropractic adjustments remove the interferences to the nerves thereby reducing or eliminating pain in its entirety. We also use physical therapy modalities such as electric muscle stimulation, heat, ice, traction and exercises to reduce muscle spasm and increase flexibility and strength while improving posture. Our goal is to listen to our patients so that we can return them to an improved, pain-free life in the shortest time.

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